Friday, August 19, 2011

Smile. You'll Live Longer!

Or at the very least, it can't hurt your chances.

I simply... cannot stop GRINNING.

Something that could prove... problematic for my little hunt later on this evening, but I can't help it...

This site.

You people.

My God, you make me laugh! A comment here, a comment there, and then I have TheArsonist himself pay my blog a visit. First one, that I'm aware of. He even took the time to threaten me.

I always did like entering with a BANG.

Of course, the out will, most presumably, be with more of a SPLAT and, with any luck, pain worth screaming over. But my end is far from now. I'm having far too much fun.

You people are all so tense.

Need to relax more.

You do remember that this is called "His Game", yes? There is a reason for that. You all should try having some fun with it! He is a very lenient boss. The Highers are a pain but... well, politics invade everything pure. Even His family. Can't be helped.

I'm sorry. Am I not what you expected after post one? Ha! So sorry, but I couldn't resist. Faith so LOVED her religion. I felt it was the perfect beginning to my little time-waster here - a tip of the hat to the first one I was assigned to. We played so well together. Loki and Kali liked her too. I think they miss her, but she was Lost from the start. In between jobs, I found here. Glorious, GLORIOUS here. The stories I found... this Community... my temptations won out. Thus the birth of Whispers. You see, Little Faithful had always begun and ended her day with a prayer. Even up til the very end. So I thought, in her memory, my prayer was only appropriate.

I am a very thoughtful person like that.

So what do you say? Want to be my friend?


  1. Hello. How are you? I am fine. What are you?

  2. An Aquarius, thanks for asking. And you?

  3. I'm something. It's either Pisces or Aries.

  4. You poor thing. Can't remember anymore? That must feel absolutely AWFUL.

    Or you're just an idiot. In which case: Ha.

  5. I never had much interest in astrology/horoscopes to care to remember.