Friday, April 13, 2012

Just Say "Please."

There is something to be said... about accepting death.

There was a place between here and there. A road. An endless road beneath a Golden Sky...

About that time we all reach in our lives... when we've pushed ourselves as far as we are capable of reaching... and we come to accept it right down to our deepest core. When we are mentally spent. Physically wasted. Emotionally shredded. When you can only gaze at The Wall that's risen in front of you... and, one by one, the realizations sink in that... This Is It.

That you will not be crashing your way through it this time.

You will not be running down its length to cut around it in a detour.

You will not be climbing its front to conquer yet another obstacle in your path.

You can beat on it until your hands shatter apart and bleed down your forearms.

You can scream out in anger. Pointless justifications. Rights and Wrongs. Until even your own voice abandons you.

You can run along its length until every last one of your muscles pull apart... shredding like paper in water...

But The Wall will simply watch you destroy yourself. Unmoving. Unfaltering. Inevitable.

When you realize that... when you accept it...

The fear starts to die with you.

And when fear starts to die... all that you really have left is...

The steps came too close.

And yet I still waited for Him to come even closer.

This was to be my final performance. My last hurrah. Nothing but cockroaches, prostitutes, and Cultists as my waiting audience...

Even they deserved a good show.

And, just like with any good Act... timing was, indeed, everything.

He entered my Play with a flare of shadow and a slight distortion of the room. A strange twist, or tilt, of reality that brought Him straight through the wall - as if it was not even there. As if it was but a certain of rain for Him to step through and nothing more. 

I caught but a glimpse of that sickening face beneath the wide brim of His hat... and the very next instant glass was exploding around me. A burst of flames licking at my back amongst a forceful gust of hot wind as I hit the ground with staggering steps. Hands and knees again. Only the beginning of the Scene... and I was so tired. So very tired... 

No rest for the Wicked. 

I stumbled back to my feet. 

I hadn't planned to glance back. I had told myself I was not to, under any circumstances, let my focus drift from the road ahead of me... and yet, I still found my steps pausing if only for a second or two. Glancing back over my shoulder. My eyes behind my own mask... locking with the gaze of the black abyss itself from the God of Disease. A cloak of shadows seeming to practically swallow the light of the roaring inferno around it. Flames licking up all around Him. Spreading across the ceiling. Doming over. Surrounding Him.

He stared back at me.

I knew.

He was not amused.

Despite everything, I think I managed a smirk. Though it may have just been in my head...

"Tag. You're It... You fucking bastard."

A rush of something came at me through the air... and I was running again before my head was even on straight. Boots hitting the road with a shock up my legs that didn't seem... real. That seemed too sharp, too deliberate, to be just the normal jolt of running strides. It felt as though each step was tearing at my muscles. As though every move towards my target only earned me an electrical shock. Burning away at muscles. Tendons. Nerves. Forcing me to demand a strength my body didn't have anymore...

And His steps followed.

I never stopped hearing them coming after me. Cane tapping alongside every other step. Sounding off in my mind again. Shattering through my thoughts and vision. Gunfire. Fireworks. Thunder. Nothing seems sharp enough to compare...

It hurt.

The run seemed so much longer than it was supposed to have been. My vision continuously splitting as I ran. Doubling. Contrasting the darkness of the night around me with a blinding gold only interrupted by the trees that passed by on either side of me...

...Ink-spilled trees with charcoal branches...
I just kept running forward. Pushing forward. Pushing through the agony of Present and the times that echoed in my head of Past like raindrops in a pool of water. Defined for only a second before disappearing into the flood of memories and faces...

I fell once. It felt as though the Grim Reaper had clawed its grip down my back... but, somehow, amongst the blur that became the world, I was back to my feet. Somehow, I kept running. Somehow, I found the strength to pound my feet to the ground again...

...pavement with the texture and grain of chalk, trees and street and sidewalk stretching out into Forever... 

Then, at all once, it felt as though the Town simply rose around me from the very trees themselves. The landscape that I had been trapped in seemingly evaporating with but a blink of an eye. Replaced by sidewalks and buildings and people... and smog. A thick cloud of sickly green that descended upon the area right in stride with me. Rolling through the streets. Thick. Tainted. Choking.


It was then, in the middle of the road in that little town... that my legs finally gave out. That I collapsed to the pavement. Gasping for air. Everything burning. Like I was still in the motel room I had left in a blazing inferno behind me. Being incinerated by my own trap. His steps nearly deafening me... as I watched from the corner of my eye as Cultists clawed at their throats. Their eyes. Their bodies. Screaming. Crying. Not understanding. Unable to understand. Blood and vomit and boils rising to burst with thick pus and skin peeling off from their very flesh...

Suffering. Convulsing. Dying.

Each being consumed a different way by His Sickness.

Men. Women. Children. Young and old. Even the animals. The cats and dogs. Anything that breathed would be swallowed by His presence... 

And I had brought it upon them. 

All according to The Plan.

Every one of them just Tools. Pawns. A hopeful means to a different End...

...slate eyes paired with a wry grin made in greeting. Taking a long walk down the endless road...

I remember trying in such vain to pull myself forward as He approached for the last time. Trying to just delay that little bit longer... and then I was in His shadow. Skin crawling with a feeling I haven't the words for, as if His gaze alone went straight through my skin and He had plain viewing to every inch of what clockwork still allowed Life in this beaten and battered shell of mine...

...and was deciding which gear to remove first.

I saw His cane come at me... and, with fresh memories of the last two times we "played"... I did the first thing that came to mind. I fisted my gauntlet... and cracked it across His cane. Curving my arm in front of it. Blocking Him. Body twisting on the ground to allow the movement even as pain flared up my arm...

I felt His stare sharpen.

Two movements. Too quick. One hit back my gauntlet. The pieces of it shattering apart. Raining down on me just as His cane snapped down upon my chest. Pinning me to the ground. Teeth bared in the agony that spread from that center point like blood in water. Filling everything. A grip that took me in whole before narrowing its focus brutally. An invisible hold that tore. Twisted. Dug. Pierced. Burned. That contorted and manipulated my body only to please Him...

I can still feel... the hot blood that ran down from my eyes. Nose. Ears. Surging into my mouth to trickle down my chin and throat... 

I can still feel... how my body shook and convulsed with a force that I was sure would shatter my bones to pieces...

I couldn't even scream.

...A choice offered amongst the drifting leaves.

 On one hand, a long road to walk and a terrible friend as the only company for a terrible friend... 

And then... something changed.

The cane lifted from my chest.

Even as I pulled my awareness out from beneath that blanket of agony, I could FEEL something heavy fall upon that Town. A presence I knew all too well...

Father had come.

The combined pain of one of His Towns.

The combined screams.

The combined death.

It called His attention.

As I had hoped it would.

The Beak had turned its attention away from my pathetic sight at that point - His gaze turning to the tall, silent figure on the edge of town. My head pounded too much against me to offer any kind of vision for that distance... but I could mostly definitely feel Him. A pressure that weighed heavy at the best of times. The world seemed to sway, and a scarce second later, He was much closer. Presence even more potent than before. Crushing. Smothering. Suffocating.



It is interesting to think... that even Gods such as They still have such a... basic system between Them. Nature's most basic system...

The Pecking Order.

I knew this was going to get Bad. And fast. 

I started forcing muscles to work again. Started pulling myself away. Clawing. Crawling across pavement for something - anything - to help me to my feet...

The sounds I heard...

There are no words to describe what I heard between The Slender Man and The Plague Doctor.

Strange, twisted noise. Gargling growls and throaty sessions of clicks. Grunts and hisses and rushes of whispers... and, from amongst it all... sharp, cutting shrieks. Startling breaks in otherwise quiet, yet deadly, tones that tore through my mind just to hear...

...Or to turn around, and go back. 

Neither option seemed all that much better or worse than the other under that Golden Sky...

I pulled myself to a wall. I think it was a window ledge that I used to force my body up again. Staggering to hold balance. Nearly losing it as my foot hooked a corpse on the sidewalk. Breathing hard with an aching chest. World swaying. Distorting. Odd flares of light. Vision clouding into black... 


Cane again. A step forward... 

Tentacles curling around... 

I forced myself to walk. One foot. Then another. Using the building for support. Just trying to get away in time...

"My, oh, my. You're quite the mess, aren't you?"

The voice came from everywhere. All around. In my head. Followed by an amused chuckle. I thought I was hearing things, as that would... more or less be the next line to cross over. In any case, I ignored it. Pushing myself around a corner of the building to go down the alley in between... only to stagger and hit my shoulder to the building opposite. Broken ribs screaming from the jolt. Body trembling, begging, for rest...

Stumbling steps pressed on.

There was a God almighty screech that should have been heard for miles... and the entire town shook right down to its foundation. The sound of buildings coming crashing down entering just after. Shrieks and cries and inhuman screams filled the air as The Beak and Father clashed. The entire world seeming too hot and too cold at the same time. Detached. Everything seeming to be vibrating with an almost-silent hum. Reality bending. Twisting. Contorting.

All by Their Wills.

Fighting Gods.

It felt like a whip to the mind to even... 

It was peaceful under that sky. Beautiful even. A few flaws here and there... 

...but flaws tend to only enhance beauty.

"Going to ignore me then?"

A sharp edge hidden beneath a covering of honey.

Another shift. A shadow twisted into Real on the other end of the alley. Finding form in the dark.

Another laugh. 

"You'll find I don't like that very much, Brother." 

Another stumble as the world swam, catching the wall for balance. To just remain standing. To just...

It hurt to even breathe.

"...Who... who is... 'I'?"

Everything felt wrong. Like the alley itself was set to consume what was left of me itself...

"Easy there; seems you've been through quite the ordeal..."

Footsteps next.

And though my fog of vision... there became one thing that never distorted. Never lost focus or blurred away...

Those eyes that approached from the dark. I recall the figure wearing a deep red fabric... but those eyes caught, held, and remained. 


Brilliant, near-glowing amber.



"You're right, I've yet to introduce myself. How rude of me..."

I knew that feeling. I'd felt it before. With the First. 

Only this time it felt far worse. Suffocating, even.

He who needs no introductory. 

"I heard..."
I had known of his existence for a while now...

The Sky, the company... made the choice to take the long walk so very tempting...

...but there was still work left to be done.

There was still had a job to finish. 

He leaned in. Close. Amber the only clear thing in my vision.

"...that one of our Brothers was near death, suffering what amounted to an execution for no crime." 

A too-wide grin. 

"That doesn't seem fair at all!"

I couldn't help the pained laugh I gave. Head lowering, gaze drifting away from him. Wearing a weak smile, but a smile nevertheless. Even as my limbs shook to just remain standing. Leaning heavily on the wall for support...
For him to find me at such a time... in such a state...
The Town was being demolished by the anger of two Fears... and yet it all seemed so far away in that moment. The shrieks and cries and clicks and hums that tore into my head... becoming but muffled background noise. 
Father was winning.

"...And Sam?

...Do you regret it?

Any of it?

Any of this?

What y'did to me...?"

Words fell off my tongue. I won't remember what they were. I think... it was to do with the mission that began this mess. My decline. My... return to Running... how I came to be but a sliver from Death's hold...
It was probably nonsense to hear. 

"Listen to me."

From amongst the fog over my mind... he had reached forward, tilting my chin up. Forcing my stare to return to the sharp amber.

"Such vaulting arrogance! Such hubris! Are you too proud, Brother, to beg even in the face of death? I came today to offer you a choice."

Even closer still. 

"The others left you to die. They seemed to have the view that you were dangerous. Useless. You're lucky I disagree. All you need to do, Brother... is ask me to save you. Strangle your pride until it stops breathing, just for now."

His grin grew wider.  

"I need you, Nightscream. Don't disappoint me and make the wrong choice."

My hand found his shoulder. Shaking with effort for such a simple movement...


"...Help me..."


A last-second deal stuck... with The Devil himself.

And then everything turned black.

There was a place between here and there. A road. An endless road beneath a Golden Sky.

When I woke again... it was with a jolt back into Life. A rush of everything flooding over me at once... and I thought... just briefly... who I saw through blurred vision was an Afflicted member. A Cousin instead of a Brother... experimenting instead of... piecing back together...

He didn't hold it against me.

And the relief that washed over me when I came to recognize that voice...

Ha. I didn't know whether to laugh like a fiend or cry. Say what you want, but one doesn't exactly go from "You're going to die, Nightscream" to "You're going to be okay, Sam" flawlessly.

Nevertheless... The Devil has awoken. Redlight lives. He brought me here. A place I have been since that night. Recovering under the care of the only person alive who has the expertise to bring someone back from falling that deep into Death's grip...

And, for such, I doubt I will ever be out of "Joseph's" debt.

The man nearly bled himself dry trying to replace what I had lost. Trying to convince my body to keep fighting...

Apparently... my heart had even stopped beating at one point.

"Joseph" gave me absolute Hell for that.

Called me a "lazy bastard."


The Game is just starting to get interesting.

It's good to be back, my friends.

I left him there. Waiting for me.

One day, I will return to take the walk in the other direction.

But not yet. 


  1. ...Okay, no. I don't believe you. Nice try, but that is a load of ass and chips, and the weakest bluff imaginable.

    Next you'll be telling me Slenderman's got you doing casual friday.

    1. ...You really should point to what aspect you're referring to when commenting, darling. But I'll assume you mean about dearest Redlight?

      Believe what allows you sleep at night, darling.

      You might not be getting much after you accept the truth.

    2. It's cute that you think I sleep.

    3. It's cute that you think you have any understanding of what is happening behind the curtain.

      Smile, dear.

      The Times they are a-changing...

    4. June's always been a bit oblivious. His disbelief is par for the course.

      You'll enjoy proving him wrong, won't you?

    5. Hn. Indeed so. You're getting to know me quite well, aren't you, sweetheart?

    6. As I always have. I simply enjoy blowing up your comments thread with things that should be dreadfully obvious to everyone, that are ignored! It's a fun hobby.

    7. A needed service in this Community, to be certain. Or so it seems to me.

      Don't you just wish you could throw a brick at some people, my dear?

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA. Welcome back Birdbrain. Magnificent as ever! Hope Father kicks the crap out of Plaguey and allows you to get back to work. Maybe I'll see you on the job! In that case, you might want to welcome ME back.
    What is that you always say..? Keep Smiling? Yeah. Keep Smiling. See ya soon.
    -An Old Friend

    1. ...

      Thank you, my friend.

      I will be sure to keep an eye out for a friendly face...

    2. Er... You may not want to look for anything familiar per say. Things have... Changed. No matter. Soon enough.

    3. If I didn't know any better, I'd say it was a brother of yours. That can't be, though, he's long dead..

  3. I want to say I fear for your victims. For His victims, and feel pity for the proxies that fell thanks to your selfish actions. But all I can feel in my heart right now is, well, happiness. Because you are alright. You sold your fucking soul to do it, but I can't bring myself to care.

    Thank god you're okay, Sam. Nightscream. Whoever you are and whoever you serve now, I am happy to see you alive.

    1. Thank you, love, but my soul was sold a long time ago. Make no mistake of that.

      So, yes. Selfish fits. I will not justify it or deny. If you so desired, you could also rest the body count for the Afflicted Cult Town mostly on my shoulders as well, since everyone was on my orders. "Right" and "wrong" simply don't factor into the equation anymore.

      It's been long-since replaced by the desire to survive.

      We all do what we must.

      And I doubt, when it comes down to the fine lines... that Runners are much different.

    2. I've been saying the same old tired lines for months, Scream. Your hands are bloody, they should match your new friend's outfit quite nicely.

      Keep us posted.

  4. A boring man in a red coat on a power trip? Seems we've heard this story before. How tiresome.

  5. Redlight Alive, I'm hardly surprised. He and Robert are harder to kill than a pair of irradiated cockroaches. But good to see you were going to go out with a bang, but good to see you are alright I guess, keep living. :D

    1. Hehe. Oh, the Runners can only wish for THAT Redlight back. No, I'm afraid you're mistaken...

      That man was far from deserving a nickname like the one I chose. I know what I felt from that alley. And it wasn't the old one, I assure you.

      Think of the name more as a title... a title now claimed by someone we've all come to know rather well, while not knowing them at all. Someone far more capable than what the Redlight of Past was...

      Version Two.

      Revamped for your viewing horror.

      Now, doesn't that make you smile?

    2. I always like my horror.:)

  6. Violence and Alcohol. That's the solution to this dilemma.

    1. With logic like that in your trade of work, it's a wonder you're not a raging alcoholic by now, sweetheart.

      Have all your solutions deteriorated to the point where they equal the logic of an abusive boyfriend/husband? Or is this just an off night for you?

  7. Oh my. You live. That's absolutely glorious. Sounds like you put on a hell of a show. I am all at once disappointed and happy I missed it.

    From one complete stranger to another, Welcome Back.

    1. The entire town including myself were wishing they were not there - believe me, it was a party better off skipped.

      Still, it'll always make one amusing little tale for me to tell new recruits, hm? Too bad none would probably believe it.

      And from one complete stranger to another, thank you. It's good to be back.

  8. Isn't anyone going to point out that NS sacrificed an entire town for zir's life, without knowing if it would work or not? Or that Redlight is obviously someone that Joseph knows well enough to be working for? OR THAT JOSEPH IS HELPING REDLIGHT IN GENERAL?

    For fuck's sake, people, I'm Nightscream's fangirl too, but fuck. Completely ignoring all the nasty implications of this post in favor of "welcoming back" a sadistic proxy is kind of sad.

    1. You are surprised? My dearest Dia, that is merely the mentality of the Community at its truest form. Survival - by any means necessary.

      It's actually rather hilarious, if you think of it.

      As for "Joseph"... well, let us just say that one can have a difficult time saying 'no' to The Devil.

    2. Hmm... sacrificed a town of cultists... don't care.

      Redlight... don't care.

      Joseph... scares me for some reason... but otherwise, I don't really care.

      I'm gonna have to file this one under don't care.

    3. The amount of apathy in this comment thread is disgusting.

  9. The Red King is yet to come, if there ever will be one, honestly. And Dear Miss Dia has a good point. I do adore people's priorities.

    1. If by "Red King" you mean "Redlight" then I assure you. He is here.

      I honestly don't know any other way of saying it more simply than that.

    2. By Red King, I mean Red King. Your "Redlight" is not the Red King.

    3. Now you have me curious.

      Pray tell. Who is your Red King?

    4. The Red Queen guards that bit of information rather strictly. I honestly doubt she would want one in play. It is not my place to question the Beloved, though. I merely state that there are pieces not in play, and more colors on the board than the eye can count.

      And we are not the ones making the moves. Nor is your "Redlight", no matter what is said.

    5. ...

      Curious. Why didn't you say that as your opening comment instead of forcing me to fish? It's not a crime to make things simple, my friend.

    6. Oh come on, where's the fun in simple? Or do you not like being led around by the nose, darling? I do apologize. I've been kept out of commission recently, so my social skills may be a mite rusty.

    7. Darling, I don't mind complex. In fact, complex can be quite amusing. However, to be lead, another must be leading. You simply make random comments with little to no tie to any point being discussed. Go flutter back to your dearest Red Queen. I'm certain that she - if worth any merit - will explain it to you.

  10. This seems like a bit of a bitchfight at this point, don't you think?

    1. People need to learn to specify. That is my only comment.

  11. So he's come to you too.

    I can't say I am happy you're alive, though I seem to be the only one. At the same time, it would be a shame to see you dead.

    I imagine we'll see each other again.

    1. Hm. Why do I read "we'll see each other again" as "I'm still obsessed about killing you"?

      Come now. If he spoke to you as well, then there's no need for things to become awkward between us. You're a skilled man. I am skilled in my own devices when I'm not a hair's width from death. An alliance can only benefit each of us, love. And you know it.

      Think about it.

    2. I "imagine" that if you so much as TOUCH Screamy, I WILL CRIPPLE YOU. And ensure you are incapable of raping anyone ever again. But not kill. Oh no. I don't Teamkill without very good reason. Instead I would make you powerless. Useless. DON'T YOU DARE. Threaten. My Friend. 'kay? Good.

    3. Oh don't worry little star, I am quite past trying to kill our mutual friend here.

      And I have thought about it. I have come to a similar conclusion.

      Though there is that little detail where you kidnapped my husband, blackmailed me, and made several lesser men believe they could do the same. We've fought off five already. Not difficult, but ever so irritating.

      I am no longer trying to kill you. But I don't believe we're even yet.

    4. Darling, don't be ridiculous. Do you honestly believe that those attempts wouldn't be occurring even without my lead? You are a man with a name who's given himself a weakness. Yes, dear, it will be exploited. Surprise, surprise. That tends to be how the Game is played. Simply because I was the first to work it to my advantage does not place the blame on my shoulders for a situation you put yourself in.

      I could have done far worse, David. Of that, you are well aware. Simply ask your husband - I treated him well. Not a hair out of place. Beer and piano provided. And I didn't ask anything more of you then I did of myself. I even went after you when you went into that Marked Building.

      Do you really think anyone else would have gone to such lengths to ensure waves didn't roll too high? You really do have a touch of Princess Syndrome, don't you?

    5. I have no such thing.

      Of course it was going to happen. But let's say the first one had been incompetent. I squash his skull into jelly and people are far less motivated to touch my so called weakness.

      Instead, it had to be you. And it's only my respect for you that keeps you breathing.

    6. @Sir-Rapes-A-Lot: Old Man, you had best watch who you threaten. NS might be a little broken birdie, but little broken birdies often have big friends. Such as myself. Touch NS and you will be earning a one way trip down an elevator shaft. Trust me. Falling from high places hurt.

    7. ....fucking proxies and their pissing contests.

    8. Please, Morningstar.

      My name is David.

    9. No. Your name is Sir-Rapes-A-Lot, Noble Knight of the land of assholes, future recepient of the prestigious "My Foot Up Your Ass" award, and no doubt the former squire of the Great Sir Tom of New Jersey. (Squire means you were on bottom, methinks)

    10. @David, sweetheart... aren't you doing that now? Or, at least, you should be? Making an example out of those who bite off more than they can chew? What honest difference does it make if the "competent" one came along now or later? You know I'm not the only one capable of pulling off what I did. And it isn't as though you "crushing the skulls" of the... lesser experienced would sway others like myself from trying their route.

      You're splitting hairs, love. No matter which side you cut from, the bread will be looking the exact same as it is now. You know I'm right.

      @Shooter, a little on the attack, are we? You really should watch your blood pressure, love. It might be the death of you. Again.

    11. Everyone is bottom at some point, I think.

      But if you value both yourself and Nightscream (since their well being seems to mean so much to you), My name is David.

    12. @Amy, pretending you're not enjoying it, are you? How cute.

    13. Are you trying to get me to kill you Nightscream?

    14. Oh hell no! I get off on it. I'm just pointing out that it must be a slow day in hell, for all this shit to be going down in the comment threads.

      I'm so happy I got off work in time to watch and participate! <3

    15. @Sir Rapes a Lot: I am not as pleasant as Birdbrain is. If I am dropping you down an elevator shaft, you can be DAMN Sure that your Hubbie will be waiting for you at the bottom. Tossed down 35 Minutes in advance.
      But I am willing to compromise. How about I call you... Captain Rape? High Master Sexual Assault? General Molestor?
      @Birdbrain: Ha. Ha Ha. Ha. You are funny. And here I am sticking up for you. Maybe I should go hunt down those damn Pigeons of yours and have myself a nice dinner.

    16. @David, apparently trying to point out simple logic is a death wish now? Your mind is such a beautiful thing, darling. It truly, truly is.

      I am simply trying to point out that you're only looking for someone to blame. When, in fact, it was an inevitable occurrence. I chose you because I respect your skills, darling. I needed your skills. Had the roles had been reversed and it was you who had been assigned to that mess and I was the one with an easy weak point... you would have done the same thing to me in a heartbeat.

      @Amy, I'm glad you think watching me play Russian Roulette so amusing, love. Truly.

    17. Oh Morningstar. Dear, deluded Morningstar. You wouldn't last a minute against my husband.

    18. @Shooter, we both know that Kali and Loki OWNED you last you three got together. The only way you'd have them for dinner is if Kali laid eggs again.

    19. You know, eventually the Proxy Hour is going to be over and you guys are going to get bored. Don't y'all have better things to be doing than antagonizing each other?

    20. Hehe. Good God, I've missed that cockiness.

      Drop by sometime, love. You obviously need a good crack or two on the skull. I'd be happy to provide it.

    21. Oh like your Crippled ass could hope to take me. Especially with my... Upgrades.

    22. Downgrades and rotting flesh*

    23. Hehe. I'd be likely to agree with Amy. My, my, I will need to keep Kali and Loki away from you, won't I? My lovely little zombie boy... wouldn't want them to eat all the maggots giving your body form, now, would I?

    24. I will explain LATER. No Maggots. No burns. Just... Some awkward moments in the mirror.



    1. ...

      Was that supposed to be an attempt at poetry?


    1. I wonder.

      If you say that enough times...

      Does that pit in your stomach fade away at all?

  14. Such an intersting post, and then I get to the comments. This is just turning out to be an exciting week, isn't it. Welcome back, Nightscream, for a second there I was almost concerned.

    See you around

    1. I had expecting things to get interesting... hadn't expected so quickly. It truly does make me smile.

      Thank you, my friend. And do take care of yourself.

    2. "Almost." Don't forget that key word, doll.

    3. Now you're just running around stalking my comments, Amy. This is the third one in ten minutes, are you trying to trip me up for some reason?

      See you around

    4. I COULD be pointing out the typos in them. If I really wanted your attention, I'd have it. ;D

  15. Oh, we are so well behaved. Look at us all, celebrating the new birth of the most infamous servant of all with bickering and death threats! This means great things, my esteemed colleagues.

    Meanwhile...I do hope you're recovering well, Nightscream? I must say I am grateful to you for this information. I have the strangest feeling. Like...things are about to get QUITE exciting.~

    1. Bickering and death threats does tend to be the norm... so, truly, it's just another day in the Neighborhood, hm?

      I am recovering well enough. Not exactly a scraped knee, but I'm far from out of the Game. Simply in need of a little... vacation to recover.

      Hehe. Well, I'd say your feeling is one to run with, darling. Exciting times are upon us all. I do hope I see you around more than I have.

  16. There's too much crazy to address here in one go... there's just too much. So I'm just going to say the one thing that matters to me and be done with it.

    ...Thank god you're alive.

    1. It's like a stranger, more confusing version of the New Years party. Isn't the chaos mind-numbingly beautiful?

      Though I may just be in a good mood. For obvious reasons. Slight sense of foreboding aside.

      In any case...

      Thank you, Brooklyn.

  17. Well now...This proves to be interesting. I look forward to seeing how events progress from here.

    Ignoring the Redlight news now, you deserve a round of applause. That was admittedly; a good plan.

    1. As do I.

      Thank you. I did promise a show. I do try not to disappoint my Audience.

  18. Sing the song of destruction, and let the game begin anew.

    1. Well said. Though there should be a "chaos" in there somewhere, I feel.

  19. You arranged the death of entire full of people, people who serve the same master as you, just because you thought there was a chance you'd live as a result? That's sick. That is truly, deeply sick.

    1. Yes, that about sums it up. Also, I had such fond thoughts at the time of my tormentor receiving some torment of His own at the hands (tentacles) of our Father. Helped lull me to sleep at night. It truly did.

      So, yes, I suppose I have a bit of a confession to make...

      I'm not a very nice person.

      A bit of a shocker, I know. And it so does pain my heart to say it. But it is the truth. A truth I can no longer run from. The absolute horror...

    2. You're barking up the wrong tree, Matt. These idiots don't feel any remorse. no point in getting righteous with em.

      Punch first and ask questions later. aim for the head, maybe a good jolt will wake the part of their brain that isn't fucking nuts back up.

    3. I care plenty. There are incredible feelings of 'fuck those people' hard at work inside me.

      That's serious caring. Like it or not, I'm sharing.

    4. @Konaa, if we afforded ourselves remorse for what we did day in and out, my kin and I would lose our minds in a matter of days. Suddenly finding ourselves rocking in the corner muttering about "People of the Blood." Trust me, darling. You don't want to rattle around what is patching many of us together. It wouldn't be pretty.

      @Swan, sharing, caring, and kittens for everyone. It's just such a Wonderful Day In Our Neighborhood, isn't it?

    5. Maybe you can get to a hundred comments if you irritate enough people. <3

    6. Why I must say it is. With brighter days to come still.

    7. Perhaps. Though I can't claim they are all here celebrating my little performance, now, can I? Redlight is the star drawing the crowds. He just happened to use my "stage" first.

    8. It's amusing, that to them Redlight is more worthy of gossip than your living, or two Fears fighting and destroying an entire town.

    9. They see where the threat lies. The Beak and Father are not going to bother them anymore than they have been before, and my being alive is nothing compared to the resurrection of that Title. Their attention is on the correct detail, even if there are perhaps other details they are overlooking...

      I do intend to return to that area when I can manage it. I need to see the aftermath...

    10. Oh, Matthias is such a foolishly naive man. Ignore him. Keep doing what you're doing, Nightscream. I'm certain that purposely putting your coworker in danger and tricking your boss into fighting his equal will most certainly not come back to bite you in the ass.

      It's not like people hold grudges, after all.


    11. I should be dead.

      Anything up from that is a bonus at this point.

      I've no doubt that a day will come that it'll come back to haunt me. Such is the Nature of the Game. However, grudge or no, time earned is time earned. I will not be one to waste it.

  20. Redlight has returned! Nightscream, we must talk in private. Email me if you can.

    1. I would. If you had your email address public.

      My email is in my profile. Email me if you want.

  21. OK, so I just got caught up on this blog, and I have one comment. Fair is not a verb. The homophone you want in all of these cases is fare. As in farewell, you see? And to think you were a teacher.

    1. ...

      Ha. You have no idea how long it took me to find what you were referring to.

      I take it that nearly dying doesn't excuse a typo or two? My apologies, Ben. I know you must now be scarred for life from this trauma, but DO try to pull through. Your priceless input would be so missed. Truly.

    2. I'm not just talking about this post. I'd excuse it once. But from November 22, 2011: "Fairing all that much better..." From March 15, 2012: "...I am not fairing as well..." Et cetera. In fact, I found no cases where you used the correct word. That doesn't sound like a typo to me.

    3. Ah, so it is back again.

      That is irritating.

      I'm afraid that used to be an... "Achilles Heel" of mine. It took me so long in school to remember not to add in the 'i'. I suppose I haven't been keeping a firm an eye on my spelling as I thought I have been. Though I believe, considering my job, it is not hard to understand how small spelling errors can be overlooked. Being a Servant under Father isn't exactly a vacation.

      Once again, my apologies. Forgive me. I will keep a check on myself for the future.

      Now, if you'll excuse me. I really need to get back to the others. Spelling errors become a bit of a moot point if I'm Eliminated for not focusing on my actual work.