Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated...

And you all have been oh so busy in my “absence”, haven’t you? Seeing you all scurry, having been struck down by the rather chaotic past few months have certainly proved most amusing for those who appreciate such fine art. However, since you all seem so preoccupied with celebrating in the rubble that was your last semblance of order, I suppose that means there’s no one else left to recount how this smouldering carcass of a reality came to be, and your twisted need to be satiated by information falls on my shoulders.

I wonder, do you all secretly wish for misfortunes on each other for your own twisted entertainment? 

Did I want to break Nightscream? No. 

And you all say I'm the cruel one. 

It forced me to. 

Of course, those who haven’t been utterly braindead throughout this whole façade of resistance will quickly notice the irony of this situation. Why would I break my months-long silence in order to inform you of the suffering of just another Proxy? Surely, this is nothing extraordinary and nothing worth my commenting on it, correct? Of course, the fact that you’re reading this implies the opposite. 

I was correcting a mistake. 

I feel no need to explain my motivations to you. 

"Heh~ Oh, you poor, poor thing. You really can't stand it, can you? Even from behind such a BOLD title as 'Redlight'... even from behind all the scorn and disgust... you want to be human so badly, don't you? You always have. Spencer, at least, could attempt to emulate us. But you? You can't even do that, now can you? You are Nothing, sweetheart. Nothing but a cosmic JOKE, fit only to collapse into itself! You claim to be better than us mere humans. Us... LOWLY cockroaches... but you? You're a Parasite, Redlight. A mere Disease of the Mind. And do you know what the best part is...? Despite your best efforts... despite all the bodies you make dance on your Little Red Strings... you will Fail. You will never Rule... for it is your emotions that Rule you!" 

So instead, I’ll give you what you came for, which is just another train wreck.

A question that has struck me during my prolonged absence is what makes a man. Is it their experiences? The sum of their past memories? Their sentimentalities? Their ability to choose their actions? Or is it something... more? Such a thing is impossible to study from within the Network, where all these things are crushed into one uniform will as a sum of parts rather than promoting individuality. The reasons for this are obvious of course; it would be a waste of both my and your time if I chose to explain them, and so when an opportunity presented itself I quickly took advantage of such a thing.

The Proxy you all know as Nightscream is broken beyond all recognition. This shouldn’t be news to its rather… devoted audience. Hasn’t it been obvious? The flashes of the colour Red out of nowhere, the delusions, the sudden drive to save its dead son… then again, the only one of you cockroaches with enough intellect to figure out the last one lies as a corpse in the café he loved so dearly, the life choked out of him by a Proxy he once dared to call his “friend”. Truly, a poetic end for a rat that wouldn’t stop sticking its disgusting nose where it did not belong. One may even go so far as to call the whole situation tragic.

But that part comes later.

From the moment I saved it from certain death, Nightscream’s will was mine; and though I often loathe the foregone conclusion, the ending to Sam Freeman’s story is an ending that any idiot could predict. So when someone did have the foresight to see the intended result of my meddling, I was far from pleased. The thing that caught me was a Highest only spoken of in hushed whispers and baited breath; The Author. He’s been a thorn in my side for various reasons, but it has become clear to me that he did not appreciate such a vocal Proxy being my unwilling mouthpiece. When Nightscream believed it was being tortured in order to punish it for being a dissident, the reality was the opposite.

Author was not trying to ruin Sam.

Instead, he was trying to save it.

You see, all of the Highest wanted to find a way to break Proxies from the Network, but Author has always been a bit more predispositioned towards an oh-so-noble cause; regardless, his research proved inconclusive. I have no reason to lie about such a thing; not when there’s evidence that when Nightscream escaped that little science project, my influence was just as strong as it was before. However, my Jester reaching out for help while in that idiot mistake of a Crafter’s protective custody couldn’t be easily forgotten. Nightscream, despite its best efforts, had not held its cards close enough to his chest, and such a fact was easily exploited.

You see, Sam never wanted for its son to be dead, never wanted Leo to be another statistic of a normal, everyday accident. After all it had given up, a cruel twist of fate taking away the one thing it had left to protect was just too much. Whether it was delusional or not before I started to show it the world it wanted, I cannot say.

But if I was a gambling man, I’d bet on the Nightscream everyone knew being a farce.

The rest is simple. Sam’s “friend” -and I use that term loosely- , the proxy you all knew as Sherlock, or “Joseph”, or Winston for that matter, became concerned about its mental state, as he was aware that little Leo was long dead. An offhanded comment from me here and there was all it took, and once Sherlock picked up that trail and called Nightscream to the Cafe in an attempt, I assume, to talk some sense into it, the damage was already done. I’m sure that it is rather easy to gather that Sam’s recount of that night is slightly... unreliable, but I will tell you this.

It’s easy to solve matters of the mind when you just murder the detail that doesn’t add up.

“… What did you say, you pathetic little cockroach?…?”

That wasn’t me, if you must know. Nightscream’s choice to strangle Sherlock to death when confronted with proof of Leo’s demise was one of the few allowances that I provided. What you all don’t seem to understand is that I dislike conflict. In fact, I’d like to consider myself a reasonable man. But when further failures cannot be tolerated, well… then isn’t the Network the only solution?

As an aside, I don’t understand why Sam insisted on resisting my hold. I'd pity you all, if I didn't find you so disgusting. You’re all so easy to fool. So easy to give purpose. It’s no challenge to drive corpses forward down the line, with all of them dragging their feet towards something that was never real in the first place. You all live within fantasy, because you have no choice. How would you deal with such tragedy befalling you otherwise? 

“I’m sure you heard me loud and clear. Darling.” 

Sam had become a liability.

My fist connected with Nightscream’s left eye with more force than needed. The feeling of its flesh break under my knuckles felt…

And such things must be erased. 

it felt.. 

I still find it incredibly ironic that you all seem to forget that I’m always watching you. Think about it; to me, what’s another amber-eyed puppet in a pile of corpses? What are “powers”, really, aside from rumour and hearsay?

so fucking 

A Gauntlet can easily be melted onto a hand with enough lighter fluid and a match.


The monster that Nightscream referred to as “The Amber-eyed Snake” was nothing but an elaborate farce created by me; so imagine my surprise when some of you were so kind as to fall for it. I will say this; you are all too quick to believe in new monsters when you see them. Almost makes me wonder if you all enjoy being afraid…

Of course, when Sam started to resist the illusions I made it see, and started to deconstruct the wild-goose chase I was sending it on, utilizing the last scraps of its sanity, that just would not do. And while I do acknowledge the mind is a powerful thing, being trapped in one is not a fate I would wish on anyone. Of course, that is the punishment that I subjected Sam eventually, which I can assure you has driven it to desperate measures.

Sam only laughed at my outburst

And so, it comes to this.

“I guess you’re more human than you think, Redlight~!”

I have released Nightscream from my hold, for it to enjoy the rest of its short, pathetic life while it lasts. To be fully in control and aware of the atrocities it committed, with and without my influence, and for it to be also aware of the fact that it no longer has a reason for living. It is currently with Mr. Banks, who also proved to be another incredible disappointment. I suppose birds of a feather flock together, as he was kind enough to peel the remains of my Jester off the road after it had celebrated its newfound freedom... by throwing itself in front of a truck. 

I didn’t think 

I personally find that slightly poetic, don’t you? 

I just acted 

I will always be watching. Waiting. I don’t like letting a good body go to waste. But Sam Freeman’s story is ending, and I don’t intend to be there when it concludes with a dull, pathetic whimper. 

Crushing Sam’s mind 

So take this as a warning. 

Until its stupid smirk disappeared 

Your history isn't a straight line. It never has been. It doesn't go anywhere, and it never will. Neither will Humanity. Going around and around in a circle for all of time. Live and die and be forgotten. 

And then I let it break free 

Your Sage said it best. The last refuge of dangerous men... is denial. 

As its eye filled with red 

Humanity has so much faith in their meaning, their free will, and each other, when all it brings them is misfortune and suffering. Things that they’d do anything to forget. To not be held accountable. 

So it would never forget who it belongs to 

And wouldn’t you know it, I just so happen to grant the wishes of the damned. 

And then I did it again 

So do not stand in my way, and when I come for you, come quietly.

And again.

Because if you don’t… well, look at the former author of this memoir.

And again.

Sam Freeman will die soon.

And again.

And when it does…

And again


And again


And again 


Look who’s laughing now?





  1. I am amazed that I have, as of late, found myself commenting that something has "taken an interesting turn" so frequently. It is bringing back some spice to my life that I thought I was beginning to lose. It is just a shame that it had to be done at the expense of dear Nightscream.

    And before I forget, it is good to see that you have not lost your touch Redlight.

    -The Grigori

  2. Yay. The evil meglomanic with a god complex is back.

    Now let's see how long it takes for you to piss off the Fears THIS time, O Talkitive One.

    I'll be here, watching and waiting with my bowl of popcorn.

    Have at it, Redlight.

    1. Redlight has never pissed off a Fear. He's no threat to them, but that doesn't mean he's not a threat to US. You really shouldn't take that so lightly. I don't know what exactly you're getting screwed up, but none of the Fears seem to give much of a crap.

    2. Oh you poor sad little girl, laughing at monsters and pretending they are nothing more than fools.

      For the first thing, I think you have your redlights mixed up. The first one? Oh, he was a talker. And not much else. I met him once, hilarious drunk.

      But this one... many call me a monster. Some have likened me to the devil. But I am a downright saint when it comes to that thing. I can't even call him a man.

      He is /THE/ evil megalomaniac with a god complex. It might be useful to remember that, or your pretty face won't be around long.

    3. Why are you suddenly paying so much attention to my comments? Go away. I don't want you here. I'm not allowed to take in stray puppies. Sorry.

      And "pretty"? Aw...you're so creepy and disgusting.

      I wonder if Redlight likes to play "Redlight, Greenlight"? I've heard it's a great game.

    4. I have a pet peeve about those with ignorant bravado. Especially here, where you have no idea what you're talking about.

    5. "Let bravery be thy choice, but not bravado."

      I'm trying to be brave, Darcy. Bravado isn't what I'm shooting for. So thanks for the warning.

      Now, please leave me alone.

  3. It's painful sometimes... looking in a mirror.

    Alas, do you break all of your toys in such petty tantrums, child?

  4. I'm expected to take a lecture about nonlinear circular fates from a creature that's recycling a title that was given to a man for no other reason than because it had originally refused to name itself?

    One that quotes the dead no less.


    Only a matter of time before you find your own tail given the path your on.

    1. *you're

      You seriously need to work on your grammar, Cat.


    2. thats stupid. you need to work on you're grammar. mine is fine.

    3. Oh, please, do continue this idiotic spectacle. I'm absolutely certain you're not spitting on anyone or anything noteworthy. I'm sure making light of the gravity of a situation that IS a Living Plague does wonders to prove your VAST intelligence and UNDOUBTABLE courage. After all, if Nightscream has proven anything, it is certainly that the world is exactly as we want to see it and that NOTHING can best us if only we BELIEVE in ourselves wholeheartedly.

      Please, do continue to make a mockery of my friend's demise. Certainly we are all IMPRESSED with your choice of location for your petty squabbling. Certainly you're not making enemies for yourselves. Certainly you can handle yourselves and are, in all manners of speaking, untouchable.

      Certainly Nightscream was a Proxy, and therefore deserved every ounce of Hell it went through under that goddamn son of a bitch, Redlight.


      You're spineless idiots. The both of you. I consider myself a coward for turning tail and leaving Scream to her fate once I figured out what was going on with him.... but you two are worse than me. Worse than most.

      Are you seriously going to wait until the world is in flames and the living are tripping and stumbling over the dead before you start taking this a little more seriously? Have you spent so long deluding yourselves into believing you aren't afraid... that you've forgotten that monsters are real? That REDLIGHT is REAL and he is JUST as capable of reducing YOU to blubbering wrecks than anyone else?!!

      Only the truest of idiots mock monsters.

      Only the truest of idiots... forget that we all bleed. That we can all be ruined. That we are all standing on the razor-edge. A tight-rope walk that represents the difference... between pleading for Life... and pleading for DEATH.

      And, in case you haven't noticed, the wind has getting stronger.

      Do you not understand?

      Slender Man. The Tall One. The Creature that plunges our very souls into a tank of ice from just a second under that eyeless gaze. The one that never stops WATCHING. Never stops FOLLOWING. That TEARS bodies limb from limb and then impales the still-living remains on tree branches before using the organs like demented Christmas decorations....

      He is not interfering. He is NOT stopping this Plague!! Which either means He isn't bothered by it... or supports it.

      What is wrong with you people?

      What is wrong with you people...

      I don't understand.

      Just shut up.

      Both you of. Shut up.

      If you must continue, do it elsewhere. Not on here. I swear to Him Himself that if I have to hack into Scream's account and delete all this stupidity, I will. Enough is enough.

      Enough... is enough.

    4. I am very sorry, Sir. Rose did not mean to desecrate Nightscream's blog.

      I shall make sure that she refrains from..."squabbling" on this blog.