Tuesday, March 5, 2013

we're moving.

must have been on the road for six hours so far. going to be another two at least before we're even going to change roads. all that matters right now is getting away. we'll sort out the rest when we get there. personally, i really... am not liking this. it's the first time we've moved since i woke up and it's all going to be new again and i can't...

i don't know... i don't like it when things change anymore. i like knowing. i like routine. the familiarities.

but that's all burning behind us now

 i don't know... if they found us because i was stupid enough to post on here and draw attention or if it was just coincidence or if... if it was anything to do with... with her... but i guess it doesn't matter. not really. we're all alive. a little burnt and bleeding and my head hasn't stopped throbbing but... we're alive.

one of them had said something about a proxy called Fracture. i don't remember that name, but my memory is... clouded over in a lot of areas... and far too detailed in others...

David said he knew the name though.

apparently David's head is worth $100,000.

i guess Fracture is a fan of his

mine is worth $25,000.

for a damn cripple


i guess they weren't expecting a fight from me. can't say i was either.

after three attempts at my own life, i told David before that i'd... stay for a little while... but if the Game found us, i wouldn't fight back. that i'd just... let someone have bragging rights. if there is even anything left to brag about anymore. i didn't want to fight. i didn't want to run. i just... couldn't take it anymore...

now i've done both

but i really... didn't have a choice. David had gone out for groceries. leaving Em alone with me. trusting Em alone with me, and when i... saw that shadow pass by the window... when the hairs came up on the back of my neck... i Knew. i Knew and i just... at first, i was somewhat relieved to be in what i thought might be my last moments... but then i remembered Em...

i couldn't let them have her

my life may barely be worth a single cent at this point but... she's only a little girl. and i couldn't betray David by not... "stepping up" to protect her the best i could. so i barricaded us in a room.... and as it turned out... a cripple can still handle a shotgun just fine.

then they set the house on fire

the hows and whats of it don't matter. if David hadn't come back when he had, we wouldn't have made it out. or, at least, i wouldn't of. theoretically, Em should have been okay beneath the water in the bathtub... least for a little while. i don't really... remember much about David showing up. i remember... aiming down the barrel out a window... i remember having a harder and harder time to breathe and the HEAT that just kept rising every time i thought it was impossible for it to burn anymore than it already was and i remember... i remember the pounding in my head swaying

everything shaking everything until i could see the door
 rattle on its hinges

 with every POUND that echoed and split and GNAWED at my skull and i.... 
and i heard him on the other side. 
a voice. a voice that wasn't. 
that couldn't BE because it had already been DONE so long ago...
 so very long ago... yelling at me. pleading with me. to just unblock the door. 
begging me... not to leave him there to burn...

not to leave
there to burn...
he sounded so desperate so TERIRFIED voice just
out from beneath the ROAR that engulfed the house that just got hotter and hotter until i wasn't sure what burned more my body or my mmind
na d god it stung and i still couldn't


David told me... that i was speaking fluent gibberish by the time he got to me                                       carrying a soaking wet Em wrapped in his coat in his arms

she's laying down in the backseat now

fast asleep

David's been running on coffee. i wish i could take a turn at driving to give him a chance to rest, but this wouldn't be the first time being paralyzed from the waist down has proven me useless. so i've claimed map duty. trying to stay one step ahead of where we are by the light of a small flashlight. David keeps glancing over to me. keeps telling me i should sleep. that he'd be okay for a while. that i need it. but i just... can't. not like this...

not like this...

why can't you people
 leave us alone?

we're not part

of your Game anymore

we just


to be left


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